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Best Lunch Spot In Marina District

Our Options: Try The Best Burgers In San Francisco

At Home Plate

Looking for the best burgers in San Francisco? You're in the right place. Home Plate is considered the best lunch spot in Marina District, and for good reason. From salads to full dinners, we've got you covered - but we can also hit the spot when it comes to the perfect burger.

Our California burger is topped with a fried egg and bacon, all on a toasted brioche bun for the perfect hint of sweetness without being overpowering. Our cheeseburger can hit the spot when you're looking for traditional Angus beef, lettuce, tomato, mayo, and cheese, all on our diecious brioche bun. More in the mood for seafood? Our crab melt sandwiches are topped with avocado, jack cheese, and our scratch-made aioli, served on toasted sourdough bread with a side of perfectly crispy French fries. If you're craving a spicy option, check out our chicken on fire sandwich: house fried chicken dipped in our homemade hot sauce, topped with a pickle, kimchi, and spring mix, all on our delicious brioche bread.

When you're craving the best burgers in San Francisco, you know not just anything will do. You're not looking for fast food offerings - you're looking for the best lunch spot in Marina District. At Home Plate, we're believers that we have the best burgers in San Francisco, and we invite you to stop in and give us a try. Whether you want an amazing American breakfast, a burger, or in the mood for a great salad, we're the best lunch spot in the Marina District, and we're excited to serve you. Whether you call ahead for takeout or stop in to see us and check out what we offer, we're excited to meet you and provide you with excellent scratch-made offerings.

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